Head Baker

Influenced by his grandmother’s baking in Mexico, Cristobal quickly developed a passion for cooking and baking breads at an early age. He continued to bake in Mexico and Spain before moving to the United States where he’s lived for 22 years.

Cristobal’s vision and global experience made him the perfect person to continue Corner Café’s longstanding tradition of baking authentic, European-style breads. Cristobal is always testing new recipes and techniques, keeping the bakery’s offerings fresh

You can find Cristobal at Buckhead Bread Company almost every day of the week, year round since the Wholesale department bakes 365 days a year. Saturdays are special, however. “I’ll be here every day, any holiday, every holiday. I don’t have a problem with that. But Saturdays are for my daughter, Vanessa.” Miranda explains. As well as a seasoned Chef, Cristobal is a devoted father who spends his free time with his family.